JIBS User Group


The JIBS User Group is one of the major means of feedback for end-users of the UK's networked resources. It encompasses users and librarians in both the higher education (HE) and further education (FE) sector. JIBS originated as the user group for 'JIsc (assisted) Bibliographic dataserviceS' but now sees its remit as extending beyond bibliographic material to all electronic content of interest to HE and FE institutions available either via JISC's Information Environment (IE), or delivered independently by other sources. We are a shared electronic resources information forum.


The User Group is independent of JISC, and its principal aims are:

- to stimulate and maintain interest in online services of interest to HE and FE either via the JISC and the IE, or from other independent sources to focus especially on matters of content

- to provide an effective and independent forum for discussion and information exchange between the users of such services (both FE and HE)

- to bring matters of concern to the attention of the data suppliers and the data service providers

- to influence collectively the development of JISC-supported online products and services


On this site you will find information on the JIBS Committee, how to become affiliated to JIBS via an institutional membership,minutes, and proceedings from our meetings, and so on. For further information on the group, email Elizabeth McHugh or join our mailing list.